Currently, the only school that is accepting fully tax-deductible donations is Westlake High School.

If you would like to contribute towards solar panels at Westlake, please write a check out to WHS Earth Club and include on the check “Students for Solar Schools”. TAX ID number available upon request.

100% of contributions goes directly towards Photovoltaic Solar Panels. Every little bit counts and is greatly appreciated!


Note: Students for Solar Schools is accepting donations under the Earth Club school account so that all donations can legally be written off as tax-deductible no matter the amount. If you request a receipt of donation: it can be shipped, or scanned and emailed upon request immediately. If for some reason Solar Panels cannot be installed (highly doubtful) or in the event that there is a surplus of funds the money will be used for motion sensitive lights to conserve energy.

Large scale donations will receive recognition on a plaque permanently displayed at Westlake High School.

If you can donate a service or resource other than money please email . Also, please email if you have any questions, requests or want to confirm your donation. Thanks!


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