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The Plan is a step by step approach that could be used by any student campaign to get solar panels on their school. Please view the contact page if you would like to request individual advice regarding  further research, or custom pitches. We’d be more than happy to provide it for you. That’s what we do! Already, there are dozens of programs dedicated to providing support for PV solar panels; however, thousands of schools are still left in the dark and are not receiving the help they could. It is up to you, the student, to raise the necessary funds through grants or fundraisers and obtain your school district’s approval. This guide should serve as a helpful reference for the many different routes you can take to achieve your solar school success! Click on each step for more detail.

emailicon1 It is Students for Solar School’s mission to provide you with the resources to help you succeed. Please email Adam at the Contact page to start discussing your solar plans. On the SSS site you can find plenty of helpful downloads and resources. It’s important to be knowledgeable about everything solar related. Visit the Start with SSS page.

2 Find a small, core group of people who are dedicated to the cause of seeing solar panels on their schools. Meet with these people regularly to push your project forward. Visit the Chapter page.petition

3 By starting a petition you are getting the word out about Students for Solar Schools. This step is also important because you will find teachers and students who, upon learning about the project, will want to help out. Visit the Petition page.

4You need to start at the school level. Although your principal probably does not have the authority (or the funding) to make it happen, his or her support is crucial towards building a relationship with the administration for grant approval. Visit the Approval

4This is the most challenging phase of the process. Once you have your school district/administration’s support, it is time to start fundraising and looking for larger partners or grants to back you. Your largest block of funding may come from your city, a local corporation, or a large grant. Visit the Fundraising page.

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