Frequently Asked Questions

What is Students for Solar Schools’ funding model?

SSS uses a distributed funding model just as solar power is mostly a distributed grid system. The overarching Students for Solar Schools organization has no expenses except for website hosting. All funding goes directly to the individual schools and therefore directly towards solar panels. Essentially 100% donated to Students for Solar Schools projects goes towards PV Solar Energy!

Does solar power work in the northern regions?

Yes it does! For example, England utilizes  more solar energy than some south-western states! England also has a great solar schools program.

Besides the panels, what else does a school need to harness solar energy?

Schools need an inverter that transforms DC electricity coming off a solar panel to AC electricity that you find in a wall outlet.

What is the difference between PV Solar and Thermal Solar?

PV Solar converts light directly into electricity for use. Thermal solar uses the sun’s thermal radiation (heat) to heat pools or showers. Most schools use PV solar technology.

Can anyone start a SSS chapter at their school?

Yes! We just hope that one has the determination to follow through with a project!

How do I start an SSS chapter?

Email and we’ll put you in our database and help you to the best of our abilities.

How can I find out what incentives there are for solar where I live?

Visit to learn more about the incentives in your area and contact us if you have any questions.

If I don’t live in Westlake Village can I still be on the SSS Board?

Yes you can! You’ll just need to demonstrate that you have the dedication to put in the time required.


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