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North Augusta High Students Achieve Solar Success with a 2kW system!

Byron Thomas, the student body Vice President of North Augusta High School wrote to me today about his inspiring story:

“I got North Augusta High School 10, 200watt solar panels which will equal a 2 kilowatt system. With the help of the EarthDay Network all of my dreams of turning my high school into a green school are coming true!!! We’re working with the EarthDay Network in Washington DC with the Director of Education Sean Miller and former Green Schools Coordinator Mike Beebe who sold my story to companies and there partners, in which BP was grateful to donate the solar panels to my high school for no cost…The panels will save my school over $35,000 in a 25 year spin, reduce over 100,000 pounds of Carbon-Dioxide, and serve over 3% of my schools energy needs… I’ve been invited to a National Environmental Conference in New York City, and one of the Co-Presidents asked me would I like to speak at the workshop when I come up there to share my story and bring a video to show the installation process and everything else to dealing with my story and solar panels… I will turn my school into a Green School before I graduate in 2011 and put North Augusta High School on the top of the map.”

You can contact Byron at and also the Earth Day Network at


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A $32 Million School Solar Project

Jason Bade, a graduate of Aragon High School in San Mateo, CA, has led a successful lobbying effort that brought solar power to schools in his district.

His quest to convince the district to invest in solar power began in October 2007, when he first met with district members. After much time and effort, the district’s School Board approved a massive solar installation, funded by bond money, for all six high schools in the San Mateo Union High School District this past November. The $32 million project has been started and will lower the district’s annual electric bill by $1 million. This means that the general fund will now have $1 million more every year which is equivalent to almost 10 full time positions.

Jason is currently a freshman at Stanford University, and also a California Climate Champion.

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