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Australian Article!

A few days ago I got a surprise by receiving an email from a representative of energy matters based in Australia. The country has an incredible national solar schools program that gives grants for $50,000 to schools who apply. This is a program that should definitely be replicated in the United States and California.

Read the article here:


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Initial District Meeting

Today Sasha and I had a meeting with the Superintendent Mario Conitini as well as the director of planning, Mr. Peterson and Energy Manager Rick Freed. During this meeting we were cvusdbanner1able to convey to the district what exactly SSS’s goals were and how they can best be achieved. Everyone attending was extremely supportive of the project and I am optimistic for the future. We will be meeting again in the next few weeks to discuss more details of the bureaucracy involved in approving the installation. At the future meeting, we expect a representative from Solar Electrical Systems to be there to discuss the specifics on that end.

Simultaneously, we are also planning a school fundraiser, contacting the expansion schools, and working towards 501c3 status. Today, someone I completely didn’t know asked me if there was any work available to do for SSS. It is really great to see the student body enthusiasm.

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Tree Hugger Interview!

A few days ago I was asked to do an interview with the Tree Hugger blog.

Please check out this informative article! Tree Hugger Interview

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Expansion to New Schools!

sssmapAs a result of the facebook group, students from two schools  across the country have voiced an interest in starting chapters and campaigning for solar panels on their schools. This is extremely exciting, but it will be no doubt challenging to help schools hundreds of miles away with an already difficult task. Because expansion has been moving rapidly forward, the download page has been updated with materials that could help any prospective schools. If your school has not been added to the list and you’re passionate about the cause, please email me at

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Facebook Group Created

Today, early in the morning, I created a facebook group for Students for Solar Schools.

It is interesting that already people from other schools are talking about the movement. I believe this group will be crucial to the expansion effort of trying to get as many leaders at other schools organized as possible.

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New Year!

The coming of a new year is always an opportune time for reflecting on the past, and envisioning the future. Since November, when the project was first imagined, it is amazing how far SSS has progressed. As for timing, we are right on track, set to start fundraising in January and hopefully have the panels installed in June, depending on the speed of district permit implementation. 2008 has been an incredible year, and keeping optimistic, as the necessary funds and approval begin to fall into place, next year may be even better.

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