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New Avenues

After much research during the winter break, I’ve found there are many methods of payment and financing available for the actual purchasing of the solar panels.

The school district is not willing to pay a dime upfront, so even though solar panels create obvious, long-termsavings, SSS will have to fundraise for any initial costs. One particular model is the HELiOS method. Where the school takes out a tax exempt municipal leas, pays for it with electricity savings, and then a community fund would take care of the initial cost or (gap).


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Fundraising Meeting

The first official Students for Solar Schools meeting about fundraising will occur Friday at the beginning of Earth Club.

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Further Along the Path

Today was an important milestone for Students for Solar Schools. I met with the dean of activities, indirectly the principal and received a call from the CVUSD’s Energy Manager, Mr. Freed. The school administrators were very receptive and excited about my proposal, but the stamp of approval lay further up the chain. Mr. Freed then explained that the ultimate decision was up to the Deputy Superintendent who would then recommend the proposal to the board.

However Approval would most likely not be granted with out proof of financial capability or the actual money itself. The hard part begins…

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