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Meeting with School Administration

westlakelogo160204144_stdA major milestone with the Students for Solar Schools organization comes December 2, when I have the first formal meeting with the School Administrator to discuss the project. Until then…


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Governor’s Summit

adampicYesterday was probably one of the most incredible moments of my life. Eight other “Climate Champions” and myself had the honor of addressing the entire delegation of hundreds of world leaders at the Governor’s Global Summit on Climate Change. In the concluding ceremony I was able to pitch my Students for Solar Schools plan. No phone calls from world leaders year… haha, but was later able to gain some valuable contacts for Fundraising for panels.

You can watch the conference and my speech at Thank you to Rebecca, Annalisa, Mr. Davidson and everyone who granted the amazing opportunity for all the climate champions to speak.

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Meeting with Zadi Diaz!

Today I had the honor of meeting Zadi Diaz, an expert in New Media and Internet communications. Myself and only a few other students enjoyed a solid 2 hours of an extremely fascinating and entertaining discussion about blogs, videos and websites. I now understand that the successful expansion SSS depends on not just a good website, but a virtual community. It is my hope that through some intense online networking, SSS’ efforts can translate into real action. Zadi and I talked about many ways to engage like-minded people and how to translate Internet buzz into a successful fundraiser or awareness campaign. Those hours went by in a seconds, but I am certain that the meeting had a profound, positive effect on the foreseeable future of SSS.

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Westlake High School Petition Started

petitionThis week SSS started a petition in an effort to prove the desire of the student body to have solar panels on the roof generating power. Already we have 102 signatures! Check the side bar to see how many people signed it. The next step will be to take this petition to the school administration as concrete evidence of the student’s wish install solar panels.

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Students for Solar Schools Initiative Created!

Today, the Students for Solar Schools Initiative was founded with the goals of getting solar panels on the roof of Westlake High School and enabling students across the country to successfully lobby for greener schools.

Students for Solar Schools Logo

Students for Solar Schools Logo

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Breathe LA Conference

BreatheLAOn Thursday September 18th I was invited to attend the Breathe LA conference about California Assembly Bill AB:32 The Global Warming Solutions Act. I was able to ask the incredible panel, even incuding one of the authors of AB32, some questions. I asked, “Does AB 32 include our school?” The first time I got no real, clear response. Luckily another person, a complete stranger to me said, “I’d like to follow up on the question of that boy (me). What does AB32 do for our schools?” Still no clear answer was given. I left the fascinating conference with a single resolution: It would be up to the students to push for environmental action at their schools. We don’t have time to wait for our politicians to take the neccessary action on our behalf.

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